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HOLY FIRE® REIKI is a powerful, yet gentle healing energy that relieves stress, provides deep relaxation, and awakens your body's own ability to heal. It has a particularly high vibration and carries the energy of unconditional love. 

REIKI PACKAGES are offered to provide you an affordable option to experience the cumulative, long-term benefits of Reiki. When experienced in a series, Reiki treatments are even more effective in promoting healing from the effects of stress, illness, surgery, trauma or chemotherapy. 

DISTANT REIKI healing session 30 minutes Virtual session 
Reiki distant healing has the ability to condense time and space, supplying effective healing in a short amount of time from a remote location. A distant healing session consists of an initial call, text or email and a 30-minute Reiki treatment. You arrange for the session at one time and can choose to experience the energy healing simultaneously with the transmission or at another time, whenever and wherever you wish. 

30-min distant healing session - $60 per session 
Package of 3 distant sessions  -  $150 (save $30 off 3 single sessions)
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INDIVIDUAL REIKI HEALING session – 60 minutes In-person or Virtual 
This session consists of a Reiki treatment, including an initial (in-person or virtual) consultation to establish your goals for the session, application of Reiki energy and a brief review of your experience. Chakra clearing and balancing is always included. Be prepared to relax and restore.

Single 60-min Reiki session  –  $120  

Package of 3 Reiki sessions  –  $285    (save $75 off 3 regular sessions)
Package of 5 Reiki sessions  -  $450    (save $150 off 5 regular sessions) 

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REIKI and ESSENTIAL OILS session - 90 minutes In-person or Virtual  
This special session starts with an introduction to the healing benefits of essential oils. This is followed by a complete Reiki session, and includes a FREE bottle of oil (from a special selection of dōTERRA oils) to take with you (or sent to you). Whether your goal is relaxation, pain relief, improved sleep, or increased joy... there's an oil for that.

Single 90-min Essential Oils session – $150   
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REIKI INTENSE HEALING session90 minutes In-person or Virtual   
A Holy Fire healing meditation brings in high frequency healing energies more powerful and focused than those of a regular session. Followed by a complete Reiki session, this combination is highly effective in healing a specific issue, releasing negative energies or empowering a goal. This session consists of a 30-minute healing meditation plus a full Reiki treatment and chakra balancing. 

Single 90-min Intense Healing session – $150   
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All sessions are provided by Gail Christie, Holy Fire® III Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher. Gail is an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) Membership Association and is on the Professional Advisory Committee of Caring Hospice Services.
Payment Options: In-person sessions may be paid by cash, PayPal or credit card at the time of your appointment.
Distance (virtual) services and classes may be paid for in advance by PayPal, credit card or Venmo.
Cancellations or changes are requested 24 hours in advance.

Questions? Call or text Gail at 203.979.0918

"Gail is an extraordinary healer. My sessions with her are profoundly calming and invigorating all at the same time. My recommendation: if you are looking for calmness, ease and inner peace, Gail and Holy Fire Reiki will provide that. I have weekly sessions that keep me peaceful, grounded and on purpose. Thank you Gail for your expression of love through Reiki!" – Lawrence S.
"I have never had a Reiki session until today and my wonderful experience at Joyful Living Reiki. I have been searching for my inner peace and a balance which I have lost over the past few years due to various personal reasons. This experience has been so wonderful. I felt like I was stuck to the table and in a deep sleep. When the session was over I felt like I was completely calm, a feeling that I personally don’t experience often. A+++" - Lauren J.

Your Session: What can you expect?

A Reiki Session is Nurturing and Relaxing
An In-Person Reiki Session will take place in a peaceful, private space with soft lighting and soothing music. You sit or lie down while Reiki energy is applied in-person or at a small distance to your body. There is no pressure or massaging, making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions. We'll talk about the experience you've previously had with Reiki and your objectives for a Reiki session.A typical session lasts 60 to 90 minutes. A Virtual Reiki Session can take place via either Telephone or Zoom.

A few easy preparations for Your In-Person Session
It is suggested that you wear loose, comfortable clothing, with little or no jewelry, no perfume, and be prepared to take off your shoes. It is also suggested that you arrive a a few minutes early and stay a few minutes after your appointment so you can relax before and integrate the experience afterward. You will receive a Covid Screening and Release form to fill out and email back prior to your appointment. You will also have a brief intake form to fill out at the time of your first session. Then we'll talk about the experience you've previously had with Reiki and your objectives for a Reiki session. Please know that all discussions are confidential.

You may want to Set a Goal for Your Session
For example, you may wish to address a physical pain, release stress or gain insight into a problem or goal. The most important thing is to set your intention and then release it, leaving yourself open to receiving whatever is for your highest and best interest. Reiki energy is introduced to your body, then your energy system determines where the healing energy goes and how it will be used.
What does Reiki feel like?
Each session is Completely Individual
While each session is individual, some typical sensations are tingling, floating, or being filled with a nurturing, all-encompassing warmth. Some people fall into a brief, refreshing sleep. Others may release blocked emotions, and some experience no physical sensation at all (which is okay too). A session most often results in a feeling of deep relaxation, peace and renewal. Holy Fire Reiki also has an element of guidance, helping you align with your life's purpose and discover your joy.

 What comes next?

You will have time to Process and Reflect
When the session is over, you will have a chance to begin processing what you experienced — physically, mentally and spiritually. Drinking water at the end of the session and afterward will help ground you and help eliminate any toxins that may have been released from your body. Lastly, we will talk to decide when you would benefit from another appointment to continue the healing process.

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Reiki energy healing works with and complements all types of medical and chiropractic care.
Serving Fairfield and Westchester counties. Joyful Living Reiki classes and sessions are held in Stamford, CT, and Mount Kisco, NY.